When it comes to custom candles — we've now got you covered! 

We know that you have a lot to think about when it comes to corporate gift giving or adding a special candle offering to your brand or shop — and maybe using a brand that's known for small-batch, hand-poured, and high-quality is your thing. That's why we are happy to announce that we now offer private label candles.

Get Started

Meet the process:

Our offering is currently pretty simple, but that's what makes it rather quick and easy — with just 3 stages.  (Our OWNED development program for  fully customized candle lines hasn't yet launched — but feel free to reach out for recommendations if that's what you're after). 


You'll start by filling out our questionnaire, which will help us get a feel for your project, timeline, and other key details to see if we can create something special for you.


After your questionnaire is submitted, we'll get back to you within 48 hours and will create a proposal with a quote, additional details, and options for scents or sample packs to get a whiff of!


Once you've made your final selections + paid your invoice, the magic begins! We'll collect your logo or label graphics prior to this step — and begin pouring and labeling your candles, to then pack and ship with love and care.

Meet the scents:

Our curated selection of scents cover five primary category. You might already know your vibe, but if not — we're happy to send you a pack of sample tealight candles during Selections to get a whiff of!

Your way.

Get Started

We currently focus on a small curated selection of vessels and scents — which are perfect for:

Corporate Gifting: a thank you to employees or clients

Branding: a custom candle for your (non-candle) shop, boutique, or spa

Wedding Favors: for your wedding party or guests

Closing Gifts: for your real estate clients and staying top of mind in homes